Reliable, Cost Effective Web Hosting
Over the years I have set up many websites with different hosting services. My first host was back in 2000. I tried a few others after that but I kept returning to back to my original hosting service. Why? Well there are many cheap web hosts out there and you can choose to pay anywhere from $3/month to $15/month. I kept wanting to save a few bucks on my monthly $7 bill, but again and again I kept returning back to where I started. I just wasn't satisfied with the speed, admin interfaces, and feature set of the other hosts. I found out that the extra $4 each month really was worth it to me.

I have referred about twelve felllow IT workers to this host and none of them have left. In fact, they go on to refer other people too. Who is this provider? They are Dreamhost, and if you choose to sign up I would greatly appreciate if you use this link to Dreamhost. (please come back here if you decide to sign up at a later date!)

Free Hosting?
As you will soon discover, they have a referral program that allows you to receive a 10% credit of the monthly bill for each person you refer to them and eventually your hosting will be free. Yes, you can sign up without clicking my Dreamhost link but you will not receive any benefit from doing so and I'm left without a referral that I honestly referred.

Thank you for using the link!

If you have any questions about their hosting, feel free to call me at 216-235-0659.
I am confident you will be satisfied.

- Aaron