Do you have a backup solution in place?
15% or more laptops are stolen or suffer hard drive failures. - Gartner Group
31% of PC users have lost all of their PC files to events beyond their control – U.S. National Archives
I see it happen all the time. A hard drive crashes. A laptop is stolen. Files need restored and the only backup copy is sadly out of date.

Automated, Secure, Hassle-free Backups
Most people do not back up regularly because their existing backup solution is inconvenient, takes too much time, or otherwise interferes with their work. Your backup solution shouldn't be inconvenient, slow, and out of date. It should be simple, fast, and automated. And it shouldn't cost you much at all.

Over the years I have referred several people to the following backup solution and they love it. I use it myself. Their pricing is incredible and the automated "back up whenever your keyboard and mouse are not in use" feature is a genuine lifesaver.

If you decide to sign up please use this link to Carbonite. I receive referral credit and your pricing is not increased in any way. Yes, you can sign up without clicking my link but you will not receive any benefit from doing so and I'm left without a referral that I honestly referred.

If you decide to sign up later, I would greatly appreciate it if you return to this page. Thank you for using the link!

If you have any questions about their service, feel free to call me at 216-235-0659.
I am confident you will be satisfied.

- Aaron